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They've split up the world, nothing else can surprise me
nothing else can surprise me
nothing else can surprise me

If you leave me Tchetchenie , I'll leave you Armenia.
If you leave me Afghanistan, I'll leave you Pakistan.
Si you don't leave Haiti , I'll ship you off to Bangui.
If you help me bomb Iraq, I'll help you fix Kurdistan.

If you leave me the uranium,, I'll leave you the aluminum.
if you leave me the oil fields, I'll help you hunt the Taliban.
If you give me lots of dough, I'll fight by your side.
If you let me mine your gold, I'll help get rid of that General.

They shared Africa without consulting us.
And they are surprised we are not united.
Part of the Mandingue empire went to the Wolofs.
Part of the Mossi empire went to Ghana.
Part of the Soussou Empire was found in the Mandingo empire.
Part of the Mandingo empire was found among the Mossi.

They split up Africa without consulting us
Without asking us
Without warning us


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